Buy & Host Package

WhatsMiner M60

(170TH | 3230W)

  • 19 J/T

  • Hosting: $0.069 kWh

  • Price: $3,950 ($23.24/T)

  • Security Deposit: $154.98

  • Payments can be made with Bitcoin, lightning, credit card, ACH

112 left!

How The Process Works

Purchase Your Miners

This is a pre-order that is expected to go live in late August. The Whatsminer M60 is the only miner available for this order.

Sign Hosting Contract

After payment we will reach out to send you the hosting contract. First 12 months hosting will be 6.9c kwh all-in. Then 7.5c kwh every month after.

Delivery in Iowa

Next, we wait until your miners are delivered to our facility in Iowa. 

Start Mining Bitcoin

After setup you will immediately start earning bitcoin passively. Sit back, relax, and watch your Bitcoin wealth grow.

Does Miner Financing Make Sense?


Is it worth the wait until August?

Absolutely, by waiting you get a big discount on the investment into your miner. You are giving up some of the most unprofitable months of mining which will be after the halving. 

Why can't I choose between different models of miners?

To offer the best pricing suppliers require higher MOQs. We take all of the orders and "batch" them into one big order to get lower prices for everyone. 

Can I cancel my contract?

Yes, our hosting contracts come with a no fee cancellation policy. If for any reason, at any point during the contract you are unhappy, you can provide a written 30-day notice to cancel your contract and we will ship your miner back to you or to another hosting facility.

Are there refunds on the miner I purchased?

All miner purchases are final. 

Can I split the purchase into more than one payment option?

Yes, for example if you wanted to pay for a portion of the miner in Bitcoin and the other portion in fiat. Just email us at and we will send you a special payment link.

What is my expected uptime per month?

We average 95% uptime but this can vary month to month depending on weather. 

What happens if my miner breaks or needs repairs?

Repairs are a part of mining unfortunately. We have the ability to do our own repairs in house saving you time and money by not having to send your miner to a repair facility.

Do I still pay for power when my miner isn't running?

No, you only pay when your miner is running.

How do I pay for my hosting bill?

Hosting bills can be paid with pretty much every type of payment option. We take credit cards, ACH, Bitcoin, lightning, stable coins.