Wilson Mining & SBI Crypto

A partnership to bring the lowest FPPS pool fees in the industry to everyone.

How To Join

  1. Enter your prefered email address and an email will automatically be sent to you with sign up instructions.
  2. Sign up takes less than two minutes.
  3. Enjoy the lowest FPPS fees in the industry!

Wilson Mining Community Fees

Pool fees are based on the combined community hashrate.

  • Lowest entry level fees in the industry
  • Pay the same fees as the largest mining companies in the world
  • More hashrate equals lower fees for everyone

No hashrate minimums

Whether you have one S9 or a fleet of S19 XPs. Everyone will have the same pool fees that were exclusively available to only the biggest mining companies in the world.

Powered by SBI Crypto

We are proud to partner with SBI Crypto to increase decentralization

Keep more of your Bitcoin

The standard pool fees for small miners has always been too high in our opinion. Our low fees help you keep more of the Bitcoin you mine.


Correct! No matter how much hashrate you have you will get the same fee as everyone else in the pool.

Just an email address

SBI Crypto is a subsidiary of SBI Group. A publicly traded financial services company.

0.001 BTC

If you have questions that have not been answered please feel free to reach us at hosting@wilsonmining.io